Abstract painting "I am Joy"(triptych). Meditative painting  by Rumyantseva

Abstract painting "I am Joy"(triptych). Meditative painting by Rumyantseva

Painting under the order.


Abstract painting "I am Joy"(50x60cm (19.7 "x 23.6"), 30x60 (11.8 "x 23.6")), triptych, canvas, acrylic.
The painting was written for you. You are the person who needs this psinting. The abstract painting gives you universal joy right now.

"I am Joy" is a positive affirmation that energizes you. My painting is energetically charged, filling you and your space with Super Joy.
After all, information about chakras, aura and color influence has been known for a long time. I practice ancient yogic techniques and send you Joy through this work.
The best way to experience joy is through proper meditation.
Spiritual development enhances a person's normal ability to enjoy life.

You can say "I am Joy. OM. OM. OM" (to increase the strength of the affirmation)

* Mantra is the sound of the universe. Translation from the Sanskrit language of the mantra "OM" - "mind control". Each mantra has its own effect.
Sound has great Power. You can find information about it yourself


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